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According to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu ten city of advanced suit custom industry survey data, select the number of suits custom growth from 0.1% 5 years ago to 0.5% now, advanced customization suit has gradually become a new trend. Advanced customization focuses on a personality, dignity, fit lifestyle, and also gives the man a personal charm that he can't speak. The suit of advanced customization is dedicated to show the potential qualities of men. Compared with brand clothing, their advantages lie in the following two points:

First: fit men's own needs

Why do many men nowadays prefer to wear a suit rather than go to a tailor's shop? The key to the problem is customization, which can satisfy the consumer's demand for clothes. The suit itself has a unique charm, no matter which man is wearing it, it can be based on the men's will is an unspeakable charm, improve the wearer's temperament height.

Second: Custom process perfect

A bespoke suit and a ready-made suit shows the effect is certainly different, clothing suits can not meet the consumer demand from the details, such as the size of suit cannot meet consumer demand, the market sold ready-made suit only in accordance with the mass size design, as can be imagined, the height and weight for men will not meet you the need to. The custom suits in the design process, it is perfect, in the men's own size, according to the consumer to suit the type of love and personal temperament and set consistent suit style, starting from multiple directions, to ensure that every custom suit with consumer body size, power man tall and straight. Enhance the men's self-confidence.

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