Student Uniform

Uniforms are uniform styles of student uniforms prescribed by the school, and students are generally dressed. Uniforms first originated in europe. In order to standardize the management of the school, uniform dress, general major activities in the school will require students to wear uniforms, school uniforms are generally the school badge, but also directly affects the image of the school.

School uniforms in China are mainly sportswear and uniforms. Only a small number of school uniforms have been updated to western style uniforms.

Primary schools, junior high schools and high schools in mainland China are basically sportswear uniforms, often in blue, black and red, with a small amount of white or yellow. Summer uniforms are usually short sleeved shirts, and some school girls wear summer dresses. Most of them are pants for men and women. For some winter school uniforms thinner school, you can increase sweaters in school uniforms and other warm clothing. Some schools have spring and autumn school uniforms, the thickness of summer uniforms and winter uniforms between, increasing student choice. For school uniforms of different seasons, the school generally allows students to mix freely with the exception of specific occasions.

Sports uniforms are the main school uniforms in mainland china. On the other hand, for many students who love sports, they are more willing to choose sport uniforms convenient and comfortable, and the uniforms are cheaper, can exercise, therefore, although from time to time to hear the voice of the reform requirements of school uniforms, but because they do not meet the actual, often settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

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